What is Wordify?

Wordify is a native Mac OS X application that creates beautiful typographic artwork from your images.

Who can use Wordify?

Anyone. We've seen people using if for fun. We've also seen professional designers and photographers using it as the foundation for their work.

Why should I use Wordify?

Well, to quote one our users: It's just plain cool.
We think that's true. Also, we believe you can produce some seriously great artwork with it.

Is there a demo version so I can take Wordify for a test-drive?

Sorry, not yet. We are working on it. Stay tuned.

Where can I get Wordify?

Wordify is available exclusively on the Mac App Store. Get it here.

Why does Wordify only support Mac OS X 10.8 and higher?

Wordify uses some cutting edge technologies under the hood.
Many of these technologies are only available in Mac OS X Mountain Lion and later.

Does Wordify support Mac OS X 10.9?

Sure yes. Wordify offers full support for Mac OS X Mavericks from day one.

Will Wordify be available for Windows anytime soon?


Why not?

Because we really love the Mac. And we just don't love Windows.
We believe that it's always good to do something you love.

Is Wordify optimized to run on Macs with a Retina Display?

It sure is. Wordify is optimized to take full advantage of your Mac's Retina Display.

The artwork produced by Wordify is not what I expected. What can I do?

Wordify works by finding contrasts in the image you provide. Generally, images with high contrast work best. If you're unhappy with the results, try using the "Image adjustments" feature. This allows you to adjust the contrast and brightness settings of your image.
In "adjustment mode" you also get a nice preview of where Wordify will place words.

How can I keep words together so Wordify doesn't split them in the final artwork?

You can keep words together by putting them in quotes. Like this: "Wordify rocks".

Is the artwork produced by Wordify editable?

Yes. If you use PDF as the output format you can fully edit the results in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator.
In Illustrator you can even edit every single word. The PDF output is fully vectorized and is scalable to any size you want without pixellation.

How can I reset my settings back to factory defaults? (text, color etc.)

To reset all render settings back to their default values first quit Wordify. Then launch Wordify from the Dock with the Option-key pressed.

I have a question that is not answered here? What can I do?

Relax. And write us an email. We're glad to help you with any questions you might have. Usually we respond to serious questions within one day. Barefaced promo code requests are rarely considered serious ;) Write us at help@wordifyapp.com and we're there to help you.

I'm from the press and I want to review Wordify. What can I do?

You can download our presskit here. To request a promo code, please write us at help@wordifyapp.com.